We are sourcing our products from artisans and independent artists all over India who have been cultivating and practicing their art for generations or have created something unique from their creativity. We work with several NGOs in India that support the work of these artisans by providing them a global platform, fair prices for their art and regular wages. We are doing our little part in bringing their talent to the world and preserving their art.

Artisan doing embroidery.jpeg
Threading Process


Our products are handcrafted with love and care that mass produced products often miss. There is an undeniable beauty to handmade products and love that goes into making them, which has made it very easy for us to integrate them in our daily lives. This is why we firmly believe that handcrafted products should not cost a fortune. We take great pride in that we are able to pay artisans a fair price for their products, and also offer a fair price to our customers. Handmade products are not just unique, but also environmentally sustainable as hands take significantly less energy than factories.


One of the goals we are working towards and are passionate about is sustainability. Sustainability is constantly on our minds when we are curating and sourcing these products. Some of the questions we like to ask while assessing the products are - How are these products made? What goes into making them? What kind of impact will they have on the environment? Consciously considering these questions in our journey have led us to some of the most amazing artists and products we have come across.
 We are also optimizing our processes to reduce the carbon footprint wherever we can, especially through reusable and recyclable packaging as much as possible. We believe that every little attempt counts. While we consciously make an effort, we are nowhere close to that goal, and we are striving to better ourselves everyday for this planet and future generations. 

Tote Bag