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Why Handmade Products?

Handmade products are - as the name suggests - crafted by hands. They are usually crafted completely by hand using hand-tools. Often, they are referred to as artisanal products since many artisans craft a specialty product using skills that they have acquired through the years of practice and by special techniques that were passed on through generations. However, handmade products encompass a wide range of products from all kinds of artists and artisans.

It is true that handcrafted products are good for the economy, as they sustain small businesses and artists in a way that factories may not be able to. However, that is not all why you should care about them. Consider what we are about to tell you. You might find some amazing treasures!

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Handmade products have a personal touch

When you shop for something, you probably don’t even think about how that particular product is made. Most of the products available in the market are mass manufactured, but a handmade product is individually crafted and has a personal touch. Each handmade product is a manifestation of their maker’s skills and creativity, which is why the love and care with which they are made is incomparable. Not only will it have that artist’s unique signature, but it is carefully crafted just for you!

Artisanal handmade products have a unique signature of artisans and artists

We feel quite passionate about this particular reason and it is one of our brand ethos. Artisanal handmade products can be everyday or special products that are handcrafted by artisans using their unique skills and crafts. The beauty of these products is that they are usually created by using tools and supplies available in their surroundings or locally. It is quite amazing to behold the beautiful pieces created using the minimal supplies and infinite creativity.

For example, our Rabari Face Masks are hand embroidered by women from the Rabari community in Kutch, India. Rabari embroidery is unique to the nomadic Rabaris. Essential to Rabari embroidery is the use of mirrors in a variety of shapes, patterns in chain stitch, and regular sequence of mirrors and accent stitches. The style, like Rabaris, is ever evolving, and in abstract motifs Rabari women depict their changing world. This community has been practicing their art for generations. When you buy an artisanal handmade product, you are holding a piece that has been cultivated and preserved through generations, which is always going to be one-of-a-kind.

You are supporting and preserving their art

It is no secret that the value and popularity of handcrafted products have declined since the industrial revolution, and as a result the demand for handcrafted products. Thanks to the technology revolution and Internet, the artisanal goods managed to survive and even thrive a little. Many individual artists and artisans have managed to bring their art to the world using the Internet, but not all of them have a global platform readily available. A large gap still exists between many artisans and the consumers. We are proud to work directly with NGOs in India to bring their art to you and we are grateful to you for helping us preserve their art.

Handmade products are sustainable and environmentally friendly

It is a no-brainer that handmade products consume far less energy than mass produced products in factories. The carbon footprint of each handmade product is a fraction of their factory produced counterparts. Many handmade products are also crafted by recycling other products or materials, resulting in creative upcycling and eco-friendly products all the while saving the environment!

Handmade products make the best gifts

Nothing beats a handmade gift. Just like the creativity and talents of artisans are evident in the products they create, your love and thoughtfulness will be evident when you gift a handmade product. Are you shopping for yourself? Even better! You deserve something as unique and beautiful as you are, my friend :)

Are you convinced yet?

While you are here, check out our complete collection of beautiful handmade products. Like we said, they will make a perfect gift for anyone and everyone, including yourself!

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