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  • Himalayan wool, sourced from local farmers and Eri Silk are handwoven in to this soft and warm scarf. The yarn is dyed with natural dyes derived from shellac and sappanwood before the weaving process.
  • Eri Silk is also known as the 'non-violent' silk since this silk is harvested after the worm leaves its cocoon, thus not harming the worm in the process.
  • This scarf is woven using the herringbone weaving technique, which is known for its unique V-shaped pattern. 
  • The scarf is handwoven by artisans in Himalayan region of India and it is ethically sourced.
  • There may be some variations in size and fabric as the scarf is handwoven and hand dyed, which adds to the distintiveness of the scarf.

Handwoven Wool & Eri Silk Scarf

SKU: S00000100
    • Blend of Himalayan wool and Eri Silk
    • Hand wash separately in cold water, do not wring. Dry flat in shade. Use warm iron.
    • Imported from India. Handmade with <3